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TOYOPUC SUB-CPU PC2/PC2J/THC-5058 Controller Module

TOYOPUC SUB-CPU PC2/PC2J/THC-5058 Controller Module Item NO.: 1639965

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Product Name TOYOPUC SUB-CPU PC2/PC2J/THC-5058 Controller Module
Item NO. 1639965
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Automation
Creation Time 2021-04-14

TOYOPUC SUB-CPU PC2/PC2J/THC-5058 Controller Module

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:original packing factory sealed

Delivery Detail:Shipped in 3-5 days after payment

Shipping Detail
1) For the in stock items, we will send the order out within 3 days after receive the payment.
2) We can shipping all over the world via DHL,UPS,Fedex and EMS. The packaging is very strong. If you have any special needs, please notify me.
3) You are expected to receive the item about 7 days after we send out.


3HAC4789-1 IS200EISBH1A 3500/42M
3HAC4790-1 IS200DSPXH1D 3500/22-01-01-00
3HAC10602-1 IS200ERIOH1A 140734-01 3500/40M
3HAC10601-1 IS215ACLEH1A 125680-01
3HAC10602-2 IS200EROCH1A 126615-01
SDCS-PIN-41A 3BSE004939R1 IS200EPSMG2A 135489-04
SDCS-PIN-48 3BSE004939R0002 IS200ERDDH1A 149716-01
YPK112A 3ASD573001A13 IS200VPBLG1A 3500/40-01-00
YPP110A 3ASD573001A1 IS200EBKPG1A 3500/40-01-01
SDCS-IOB-21 3ADT220090R0014 DS200DSPCH1A 3500/40-03-00
SDCS-POW-1 3ADT220090R0003 IS215UCVEM01A 3500/40-03-01
3HAC16035-1/03 IS200FCGDH1B 125712-01
PDB-02 3HNA026293-001 IS200EPBPG1A 3500/32-01-00
SDCS-PIN-205B 3ADT312500R0001 IS200EMIOH1A 3500/32-01-01
SDCS-POW-4 3ADT315100R1001 IS200ESELH1A 3500/25-01-01-00
SDCS-PIN-51 3BSE004940R1 IS200EPSMG1A 3500/25-02-01-00
YPC115 61037454 IS200EGDMH1A 3500/25-01-03-00
YPC111A 61004955 IS200EPDMG1B 3500/25-01-01-01

1.100% New Original Factory Sealed
2.Best price
3.Fast Delivery
4.Large in stock

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