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Siemens 3WL9211-1AB31-0AA1 Terminal Module

Siemens 3WL9211-1AB31-0AA1 Terminal Module Item NO.: 1459540

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Product Name Siemens 3WL9211-1AB31-0AA1 Terminal Module
Item NO. 1459540
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Automation
Creation Time 2020-11-24

Siemens 3WL9211-1AB31-0AA1 Terminal Module

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Distributed  control  system  (DCS)

Programmable Logic Controller  (PLC)

Remote  input /  output  module  (RTU)

Industrial  PC  (IPC)

Industrial  low-frequency  screen

Lowcapacity  hard  drives  for  industrial  use SCSI  (50,68,80Pin)

AnyBus  (Gateway)

Human-machine  interface 

Industrial  control  related  ancillary  products

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Siemens 3WL9211-1AB31-0AA1

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