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SCHNEIDER TM2AMO1HT Analog Output Module

SCHNEIDER TM2AMO1HT Analog Output Module Item NO.: 1431843

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Product Name SCHNEIDER TM2AMO1HT Analog Output Module
Item NO. 1431843
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Automation
Creation Time 2020-11-05

SCHNEIDER TM2AMO1HT Analog Output Module

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Technical Info

Ladder-logic and structured-text programming

Advanced instruction set including file handling, sequencer, diagnostic, shift register, immediate I/O, and program control instructions

Built-in RS-232/422/423 communication port

DeviceNet and ControlNet I/O on selected processors

One or more on-board ports that can be configured for either Data Highway Plus™ (DH+) or Universal Remote I/O

Universal Remote I/O ports can be configured as an I/O scanner port or an I/O adapter port

Ethernet PLC-5® controllers and the Ethernet interface module (1785-ENET) provide built-in web services

Backup options for increased fault tolerance through the ControlNet™ Hot Backup module or the PLC-5 Backup Communication module

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PLC : Allen Bradley, GE FANUC , Schneider

DCS : ABB , Siemens MOORE , Foxboro , Westinghouse , YOKOGAWA

ESD : Triconex , HIMA , Bently Nevada , ICS Triplex

Excitation cards : ABB , GE Marke

A5E00412608Siemens Frequency converter Rectifier board trigger board 132/160/200/250KW Charging board 
AB Frequency converter PN-34227
Vacon Drive plate 526P PC00525H
Frequency converter Haili electrolytic capacitor Hicon 400V 10000UF
AB 314066-A05 Inverter Power Board
Schneider Frequency converter 61 series 250KW Power supply board PN072128P4
ABB Frequency converter /dscb-01c
ABB ACS800 Rectifier reactor DCHO-7D-280 3INP280/0.120 120UH 280
Vacon Drive plate 530I VACON PC00528D
VaconAB Frequency converter Power supply board Drive plate PC00234I/493J 493H
AB Soft start mainboard 41391-106-51
ABB Rectifier reactor DCHO-7D-401 3AUA0000059786A
AB Soft start mainboard 41391-706-51 41391-705-01
AB Soft start mainboard 41391-101-51
ABB Frequency converter 800 55KW Power supply board Drive plate RINT-5521C main board power plate RINT5521C
Vacon Frequency converter Fan Control panel CM280802/PC00299H
Schneider ATV61 series ATV61HC63N4 630KW
Vacon Frequency converter AB Frequency converter SCR trigger board rectification Drive plate PC00461D 461E
ABB Frequency converter ACS800 Multi drive / Rectifier unit / main board / Power supply board /DSMB-02C
ABB Frequency converter ACS800 Rectifier unit / Isolating switch /OETL 400KML33 600VAC 400
Vacon AB high pressure Frequency converter Filter capacitor PEH200TV418CMUV-M6 1800UF 550VDC
Schneider ATV61 Series frequency converter ATV61HC31N4
ABB ACS800-04P-0210-3+P901
ABB Frequency converter ACS550-01-045A-4
Vacon Inverter drive board PC00880B
AB Frequency converter 700H 700S parts ASIC board 451P/L/M VACON
ABB Communication board Optical fiber board CINT-01C
ABB Frequency converter ACS800 Rectifier unit /Isolating switch/OETL 400KML33 600VAC 400
ACS800 Inversion ACS800-104-0580-7+ E2050+Q950
ABB Frequency converter ACS800 200KW reactor TRAFOTEK 3KU150/78E 450A 0.05MH
Converter reactor PP01046 208A
SIEI Frequency converter semikron IGBT module SKIIP942GB120-3DK0021
High voltage inverter Fan RH40M-4DK. 4C.1R 0.45KW
Siemens 6SE6430-2UD31-1CA0 430 series 11KW 380V
OMRON Frequency converter 3G3RV-A4110-E
Lipp High voltage inverter power unit Power supply board Drive plate LP-LO-81A-B
 power module DM013 200A
SIEI Frequency converter AVY5450-KBX 45KW
Siemens 430 Frequency converter 110KW 6SE6430-2UD41-1FA0
INVT High voltage inverter power unit HU-100-5
ABB Soft start 1SFB536068D1011
Schneider ATV61 series 110KW ATV61FHC11N4Z


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