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RKC H-TI-C-K10 Item NO.: 1584161

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Product Name RKC H-TI-C-K10
Item NO. 1584161
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Automation
Creation Time 2021-03-04


Brand Name : RKC 

Part number: H-TI-C-K10

Condition: Original brand new

All wiring exiting the metal cabinet or EMI shielded area must be shielded. Acceptable EMI shielding includes metal conduit or multi-conductor cables with both foil and braid shielding. In places where cables enter shielded areas, the cable shield should make good electrical contact with the EMI
shield and any subsequent junction enclosure. This contact drains off EMI energy from the cable before the cable enters the shielded area.

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Bently Nevada 3500/15 127610-01M Honeywell 51401642-150
Bently Nevada 3500/25 125792-01C Honeywell 80363975-100
Bently Nevada 3500/22M 138607-01A Honeywell 51304584-100
Bently Nevada 3500/33 149986-01D Honeywell 82408215-001
Bently Nevada 3500/45 176449-04U Honeywell 51304485-100
Bently Nevada 3500/62 163179-03D Honeywell 51304453-150
Bently Nevada 125720-01 Honeywell 51303932-202
Bently Nevada 129478-01 Honeywell 51304511-100
Bently Nevada 133819-02 Honeywell 51400972-100
Bently Nevada 133442-01 Honeywell 51401551-300
Bently Nevada 135137-01 Honeywell 620-0047
Bently Nevada 146031-01 Honeywell 620-0071
Bently Nevada 149992-01 Honeywell 51304487-100
Bently Nevada 3536/190501 Honeywell 51201794-100

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