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Mid-Autumn Festival

Bo Cai (Poster Cakes), which originated in Quanzhou, Fujian Province and began in the early Qing Dynasty, is a unique mooncake culture and a historical heritage of the southern Fujian people. According to legend, the mid-autumn festival bo cakes were invented by Zheng Chenggong, a native of Quanzhou, to relieve his soldiers' mid-autumn festival yearnings and inspire their morale when he was in the army. As a result, it has been passed down from generation to generation and become a unique folk custom in southern Fujian today.

Yesterday, Moore held a Mid-Autumn Festival event, where prizes were won by rolling dice

In September, all products are 18% off.

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Programmable Logic Controller  (PLC)

Remote  input /  output  module  (RTU)

Industrial  PC  (IPC)

Industrial  low-frequency  screen

Lowcapacity  hard  drives  for  industrial  use SCSI  (50,68,80Pin)

AnyBus  (Gateway)

Human-machine  interface 

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