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Ignited Olympic Sports Passion and Dreams

Ignited Olympic Sports Passion and Dreams

--- Going to Winter Olympics

On October 18, next to the Monument of the Hyundai Olympics, Li Jiajun, former

short-term speed sliding athletes, took over the fire in the hands of Yangnis Antoni,

and opened the relay inheritance of this huge spiritual belief. Li Jiajun has received

1000 meters silver medal at the 1998 Wild Winter Olympics, which is the first men's

athlete who won the Winter Olympics medals.

Take the torch of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Olympic fires ignite the passion and

dream of the Olympic movement in the heart of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people!

On February 4, 2022, Beijing Winter Olympics will open, China is looking forward to

sharing the Winter Olympics with the world.

Thomas Bach, Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, said: "Beijing will

write a history, becoming the first in history, hosted a summer Olympic Games, held a

winter Olympic Games. In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will link the Chinese people

with the world, Realize the vision of 300 million people to participate in the ice and

snow movement, will always change the history of winter sports. "

Welcome to the ice and snow, rushing to a better future.

In the winter of 2022, we meet Winter Olympics, meet Beijing, we "to the future"!

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1078234.5.1  1069347.3


SIM-275D-B0 200-582-600-013


S3960 GSI124 224-124-000-021


VM600 CMC16 200-530-100-014


VM600 IOC4T  200-560-000-113

D21232 A21125-B

VM600 IOC4T 200-560-000-113


IQS452 204-452-000-221



161-96450-3008  Z+B GMBH MOC V 2.1

200-565-000-013 ICO16T

TVME1606A-01 REV.B

VM600 CPU-M  200-595-064-114


VM600 MPC4 200-510-063-025

<< 50th anniversary of Zhongmei Ping Pong Diplomacy

>> Cute ! The twin cubs of Chinese pandas in France were named Yuan Dudu and Huan Lili

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