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Hyundai Robotics is officially launched. The new company is called Hyundai Robotics.

On May 1, Hyundai Robotics was officially launched as a new company to strengthen its rapidly growing robotics business

It is reported that at the annual board meeting held in March this year, Hyundai Heavy Industries decided to merge its robotics business unit through its physical division and create a new subsidiary called Hyundai Robotics. The new company is called "Hyundai Robotics", in which Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings owns 100 per cent of the shares.

According to its official website, Hyundai Heavy Industries is a world-class integrated heavy industry company that entered the industrial robotics field in 1984 and provides project services for automation and robotics systems on a turnkey basis to users around the world, and entered the Chinese market in 2003.

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