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Beckhoff EK1101-0000 Terminals

Beckhoff EK1101-0000 Terminals Item NO.: 1971152

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Product Name Beckhoff EK1101-0000 Terminals
Item NO. 1971152
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Automation
Creation Time 2022-05-13

Beckhoff EK1101-0000 Terminals




Locking and forcing of individual inputs and outputs from the IEC1131 Workbench are supported for engineering, installation and commissioning purposes. Inservice, maintenance overrides for safety-related inputs and outputs should be implemented using the application program

A list of the currently locked points are read back from the TMR system and made available within the IEC1131 Workbench. The TMR Processor inhibit LED will indicate when one or more I/O points are locked. The application program can determine how many points are currently locked by using the information available from the TMR Processor complex equipment; it is highly recommended that this be used to control additional status display and/or for logging purposes.

All input and output locks (and forces) can be removed using either a single function from the IEC1131 Workbench or from an edge triggered signal to the TMR Processor board within the application program. If locking is used, a safety-related input connected to an operator accessible switch shall be implemented to initiate the removal of the lock and force conditions. It is important that the effects of forcing input and output points on the process and their safety impact are understood by any person using these facilities.  


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