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B&R Servo Motor 8LVA13.B1015D000-0

B&R Servo Motor 8LVA13.B1015D000-0 Item NO.: 1530503

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Product Name B&R Servo Motor 8LVA13.B1015D000-0
Item NO. 1530503
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Automation
Brand B&R
Creation Time 2021-01-04

B&R Servo Motor 8LVA13.B1015D000-0

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PLC : Allen Bradley, GE FANUC , Schneider

DCS : ABB , Siemens MOORE , Foxboro , Westinghouse , YOKOGAWA

ESD : Triconex , HIMA , Bently Nevada , ICS Triplex

Excitation cards : ABB , GE Marke

330130-080-00-05 Bently Nevada 3300 XL Standard Extension Cable
3500/93-08-05-01-01 Bently Nevada 3500/93 Display Unit
3500/05-01-01-01-00-01 Bently Nevada System Rack Full size Rack 19-inch EIA rack with 14 available module slots
3500/15-01-00-01 Bently Nevada 3500/15 Power Supply Low Voltage AC
3500/22-01-01-01 Bently Nevada TDI Rack Interface Module
3500/25-01-01-01 Bently Nevada Keyphasor Module
3500/42-01-01 Bently Nevada Proxomitor/Seismic Monitor
128229-01 Bently Nevada Prox/Seismic I/O Module with internal terminations
3500/61-01-01 Bently Nevada 6 Channel Temp Monitor
3500/32-01-01 Bently Nevada 4 Channel Relay Module
135813-01 Bently Nevada I/O Module
Bently Nevada PROB D10X1  TURBINE 330173-00-04-20-02-CN
Bently Nevada PROXIMITER 330100-90-00 upgraded to 330180-90-00
Bently Nevada PROBE 330105-02-12-05-02-00
Bently Nevada PROXIMITOR 176449-01
Bently Nevada PROXIMITOR  TYPE:3300 XL 11MM 330780-90-CN
Bently Nevada PROXIMITOR  SEISMIC 3500/42-02-00
Bently Nevada KEYPHASOR  MODULE 3500/25-01-02-00
Bently Nevada PROXIMITOR  MONITOR 3500/40-02-00
Bently Nevada EXTENTION CABLE 330130-030-00-00
Bently Nevada TRANSDUCER 330881-16-00-130-01-02
3300 8MM BENTLY PROBE P/N :330101-00-14-10-02-00
3300 XL PROXIMITOR BENTLY 3301010014100200 EXTENDED DESCRIPTION P/N : 330180-90-00
RELATIVE PROBE, 3300 SERIES, 0.5 METRE, P/N 33105-02-12-05-02-05. 3300 XL 8 MM, REVERSE MOUNT PROBE, 3/8-24 UNF, BENTLY NEVADA

B&R 8LVA13.B1015D000-0

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