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ABB CP320 Power Supply

ABB CP320 Power Supply Item NO.: 1565531

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Product Name ABB CP320 Power Supply
Item NO. 1565531
Weight 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
Category Automation
Brand ABB
Creation Time 2021-02-03

ABB CP320 Power Supply


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Products Introduction

Brand Name: ABB 

Part Number: CP320

Shipping from: Xiamen, China

Shipping to: worldwide

You Want to Know

1)Guaranty: 1 Year Warranty

2)Condition: Brand New and original

3)Availability: In Stock or ask us!

4)Shipping: 1-2 days



Main Brands:

PLC Processor DCS Controller

HMI Panel I/O Module

Power Supply Module Proximitor

ControlLogix Chassis Robot DSQC

PLC Cable DCS Cable

Other PLC

Our Products In Stock

ABB Honeywell Bently Nevada
3BHE037125P106 51304754-150 MC-PAIH03 3500/42M 140734-02
3BHE039905R0101 LTC745A101 80363969-150 MC-PAOY22 3500/15 127610-01
3BHE021887R0101 80363972-150 MC-PDIY22 3500/22M 288055-01
3BHE022293R0101 MC-PDOY22 80363975-150 3500/33 149986-01
3BHE009681R0101 51304453-150 MC-TAIH02 3500/42M 176449-02
3BHB013085R0001 51204172-175 MC-TAOY22 3500/50M 286566-02
5SHY3545L0009 51204160-175 MC-TDIY22 3500/61 163179-02
5SHY3545L0020 51204162-175 MC-TDOY22 3500/92 136180-01
336A4954ARP1 51309218-175 MC-TAMR03 3500/93 135785-01
5SHY3545L0003 ACX633 51196655-100 3500/93 135799-01
3BHB004692R001 51305430-100 125840-01
GVC732AE01 51402797-200 128229-01
DSBC 172 57310001-KD 51309218-175 3500/25 149369-01
DSPC 171 51401052-100 3500/50 133388-02
GJR2391500R1210 51305072-200 3500/45 176449-04
PXAH 401/3BSE017235R1 51401583-100 3500/15 AC 127610-01
MCOB-01 3HNE00010-1 51196655-100 330878-90-00
PHARPSFAN03000 51198947-100 991-01-XX-01-01
88FN02E; 88FN02B-E GJR2370800R0100 51403393-100 990-08-XX-01-00
BX5001 GNT0156100R1 51309276-150 330180-91-05

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